Gold Dust Plant


The Gold Dust Plant is a forest native shrub that will stay green during all seasons. Its leaves are dark green, glossy and have gold flecks. They will grow tall if left unclipped which will require support staking.

Gold Dust Plant Care

Gold Dust Plant’ is an evergreen plant that will stay green during all seasons. Its leaves are dark green, glossy, and have gold flecks. The plant will grow tall if left unclipped.

The Aucuba Japonica, also known as Gold Dust Plant, has been cultivated since 1646. It is an evergreen shrub with distinctive dark green foliage that includes gold colored flecks on the leaves. In the wild, this shrub grows up to 10 feet tall making staking of the plant necessary.

Aucuba Japonica (Gold Dust Plant) – A great native plant for the forest garden. The Gold Dust plant is an evergreen shrub that grows 8-12 feet tall when unclipped. Leaves are glossy dark green with gold flecks, and star shaped flowers in early spring on reddish stems.

How To Care Gold Dust Plant?


It will grow easily in sunny locations. It can be grown indoors as well but needs bright lighting to thrive. The foliage of the gold dust plant has gold flecks on dark green leaves that are glossy and leathery, which make for a unique look of this evergreen shrub.

Brighten up a space with the Gold-Dust Plant. This evergreen plant is very popular in indoor gardening. Bathe the foliage in indirect sunlight and keep soil moist, and your Gold Dust should remain healthy. The leaves of this plant have gold flecks on deep green surface that are leathery and glossy, which make for a striking contrast.

Gold Dust Plant Dubai UAE
Gold Dust Plant Dubai UAE

This gorgeous evergreen that will brighten your home. It also requires little light to grow and thrive.

Don’t let its name fool you. The Gold Dust plant grows well in a wide variety of locations that don’t receive full sun. Be sure to water deeply once per week, but try not to use overhead watering or the leaves will be susceptible to fungus and disease.

With its vibrant yellow flowers, the Gold Dust Plant is a truly spectacular addition to any home garden.

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