Aglaonema “Silver Queen” Chinese Evergreen Plant


Growing Chinese evergreens (Aglaonema) is easy. This gem of a plant is one of the most popular houseplants grown in the home due to its ease of care.

Chinese Evergreen Plant Care

The Chinese evergreen is a green leafy plant that grows in tropical forests or other areas having high humidity, half light, and moist soil. Chinese evergreen plant flourishes in shady environment. Chinese evergreens perform very well low light areas.

Chinese evergreens require an evenly moist soil environment and high humidity. Aglaonema cannot live in dry air. Water the plant till the soil gets moderately moist. Heavily watering may leads to fungal problems like stem or root rot. If watering with normal tap water, allow the open container to sit for a few minutes to allow chlorine water to go out.

Plant Chinese evergreens in peat based potting mix or a soil mixture containing perlite. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer (20-20-20) every 2-3 weeks during when plant is growing. Reduce the fertilizing during the winter season.

Temperatures below 50°F (10°C) can damage the leaves of Chinese Evergreen houseplants. Keep these plants out of cold winter drafts and away from air conditioners.

Chinese Evergreen plants always prefer regular household humidity or higher if possible.

If your Chinese Evergreen started flowering, We recommend immediately cutting them off. The flowers are not very attractive and use energy that the plant needs to produce its beautiful leaves.


A Chinese Evergreen plant is susceptible to Mealy Bugs, scale, and Aphids. The ” green solution”, sprayed on the entire plant usually solves the problem.

The best soil for Chinese evergreen plant is that soil that drains quickly.

Keep a Chinese Evergreen plant in a relatively small pot so the soil can easily dry out and the roots are not always wet. This helps prevent root rot.

NASA recommends the Chinese Evergreen as one of the top 10 best houseplants to clean the air of harmful toxins.

Chinese Evergreen plants are poisonous with a number 2 toxicity level due to the calcium oxalate crystals in the plant. Adverse reactions after contact with the sap include: skin irritations, irritation of mouth, lips, throat, and tongue if the leaves are eaten.

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